tomorrow today

the plan!

TOMORROW is the individualized plan Jesus has identified and justified for us each. He calls us to watch, wait, hope, rest in His ability to govern our life to the uttermost detail, to redeem every bit of His gift of time in our behalf. The Kingdom, the Power, the Glory really ARE His. His is the Amen. His faith is limitless and trustworthy. He trusts us with His faith. So, rather than wasting time comparing ourself with others, we rest in His individualized plan, the perfect and complete plan of Love that Jesus has crafted and created. He sees us each in His plan and declares, “This is good!” This is the plan for tomorrow. This is the hope for today.


the path

in the misty morning light,  down the path from the night,

Precious Friend inside says not to hide.

Says, Life is Love to enjoy, and tomorrow’s not a ploy

but reality to find alive and safe within.

Sudden Stillness fills the air – Christ is here! Christ is here!

Angelic beings sing His heart, welcome to my every part,

Christ is here!

my song! smurr, 1/3/2012 Thank You Holy Spirit!

home… where your shoes are


home... where your shoes are
Life in the 1950s… no one locked their doors, every child played outside always, everybody in the neighborhood actually knew each other & ate together sometimes & visited the neighbor’s home every week usually multiple times. Trash was still what you put outside for weekly collection (as opposed to what bombards you daily via the media). It wasn’t perfect, but hey, it was the planet Zenon.

That’s me on the right… nice shirt, huh? I didn’t have a clue and probably picked my nose. some of my uncles liked to often comment that my ears stuck out too far… I was grateful for that information. It seemed to me that everyone’s ears stuck out on the planet Zenon.

I think dad had just updated to the new and remarkable 1 inch wide black tie (he retired his previous 1/2 inch black tie, which would have been worth a fortune today on Ebay).

The Kingdom of then and there becomes The Kingdom of here and now!

God’s eternal intention, His beautiful love dream, has separated me from my human lineage and identity. Now His Grace is my identity, and I am His new and unique creation of Love. Nothing else matters, only knowing Christ and my place with and in Him, honoring, receiving Holy Spirit, His Breath, as my sole and only compass. ( Gal 1:15 / 2 Corinthians 5:17 / Philippians 3:8 MirrorWord Bible )

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